Ayaviri, Peru

Thanks to the generosity of many, these children in Ayaviri now have a place to study

For more than 11 years, we, as Servants of the Plan of God, have been contributing with the integral development of the children and youth in Ayaviri, Peru through our CDI (Centro de desarrollo integral / Integral Development Center). This center assists children and young people at social risk.

The children attend the center after school to receive tutoring with their homework, such as helping them to do research and deepen in what they have learned in class. This reinforcement is provided by teachers who day by day are helping the child in their performance. Furthermore, the children who attend this center also receive a nutritious dinner after finishing their homework. Since some of them live below the poverty line, we seek to help them integrally through serving nutritious food for their physical growth. We also try to get the children’s closest relatives to contribute to the center, where each family member takes turns daily to cook and help with the cleaning of the CDI.

Another aspect of our integral assistance includes providing their mothers psychological workshops on parenting, abuse prevention, and entrepreneurship for women. The aim of the entrepreneurship for women workshop is to help these mothers to be able to earn some income to help alleviates their economic situation.

Moreover, we work with professionals to monitor the children’s physical and mental health if any additional assistance on these levels is required.

Finally and most importantly we help children to know and love God through prayer, retreats and parish activities. We want the children to believe that love is real and that they have a Father in heaven who will never abandon them.

La comunidad católica china en Arizona

“The Visitation”, our project of the pilgrim Virgen in Arizona

Through the pandemic and during the extensive time of quarantine, we have come to realize that we are like Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, who needs a loved one to share her joy, hope, pain, and fear. Mary, our blessed Mother, heard our cry and loneliness. She went hastily from house to house bringing Christ to her children and nourishing them with spiritual gifts.

On May 31st, 2021, the feast day of Visitation, two Mary statues were sent to visit families among the Chinese Community in Toronto (ON, Canada) and Phoenix (AZ, USA). Each family received Mary at their home for a month. Along with the statue they were given a book called My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary, to help them grow in love with Jesus through the help of Mary.

"The Visitation", the pilgrim Virgen

Since the project started, Mary has brought a lot of fruit to the families and the community. The volunteers and participants in Toronto reported that with her presence many families have made a special place for prayer in their homes, and their children became more aware of her presence and greeted her more frequently. Sr. Po-Yee, who is in charge of the project, has also witnessed a good change in the Chinese Catholic Community in Phoenix. For instance, a priest visited the Chinese community and nourished them with spiritual food in their native language (retreat, confession, Mass); the frequency of their gathering increased from one year to once every 2 months, and more new members were brought to the gathering. Last but not least, Mary has given a gift to all the Chinese Catholics. She invited her beloved children to offer their gifts and talents and made it happen within six months a new Chinese translation of the classic Marian book: My Ideal, Jesus, Son of Mary, by Rev. Fr. Emil Neubert.*

Family praying the rosary with "The Visitation" of the pilgrim Virgen

Our Marian pilgrim project, Th e Visitation, continues to travel among the Chinese people in North America. With a lot of hope and joy that families continue to welcome our beautiful lady, our mama Mary, into their home and let her be the guide and the perfect way to embrace her son, Jesus into their life.

We would like to invite you to join us to consecrate yourself to Mary using the same book we recommended to the families. Please download the plan here: {English] [Chinese]

*If you are interested in supporting our ministry, you may buy this new translation through us (Please email us at secretaria@siervasdelplandedios.com). It is available in Lima (Peru), Toronto (Canada), and Phoenix (U.S.A). 

Celebration of another anniversary of our school “La Alegría en el Señor”

With great joy, our school “La Alegría en el Señor” (the name of the school means “Joy in the Lord”) celebrated the 68th anniversary on May 15th. After two years of the pandemic, people were able to assist this celebration, which includes different activities and a Thanksgiving mass, in person.

On May 15th, 1954, Ms. Rosemarie Stemmler started this great project, which permits us to continue today to help a lot of children and young people to achieve their dreams. Our students receive a comprehensive training centered on the human person and a Christian values based education, which seek to help each student to strengthen their own identity and value.

Currently, the school has an infrastructure designed to take care of the students’ needs. Furthermore, the school is partnered with our physical rehabilitation center whih permits us to provides with personalized care for our students and their families.

If you wish to know more about our school “La Alegría en el Señor”, you may visit the school’s official website: https://laalegriaenelsenor.edu.pe/