Thanks to the generosity of many, these children in Ayaviri now have a place to study

For more than 11 years, we, as Servants of the Plan of God, have been contributing with the integral development of the children and youth in Ayaviri, Peru through our CDI (Centro de desarrollo integral / Integral Development Center). This center assists children and young people at social risk.

The children attend the center after school to receive tutoring with their homework, such as helping them to do research and deepen in what they have learned in class. This reinforcement is provided by teachers who day by day are helping the child in their performance. Furthermore, the children who attend this center also receive a nutritious dinner after finishing their homework. Since some of them live below the poverty line, we seek to help them integrally through serving nutritious food for their physical growth. We also try to get the children’s closest relatives to contribute to the center, where each family member takes turns daily to cook and help with the cleaning of the CDI.

Another aspect of our integral assistance includes providing their mothers psychological workshops on parenting, abuse prevention, and entrepreneurship for women. The aim of the entrepreneurship for women workshop is to help these mothers to be able to earn some income to help alleviates their economic situation.

Moreover, we work with professionals to monitor the children’s physical and mental health if any additional assistance on these levels is required.

Finally and most importantly we help children to know and love God through prayer, retreats and parish activities. We want the children to believe that love is real and that they have a Father in heaven who will never abandon them.