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What are our needs?

To sustain our projects and continue to grow and help more needy people, the Servants need the support and generosity of people who want to commit to maintaining our works and our sisters.

You can participate in our life and mission through a financial gift in one of the following areas:

  1. Sponsor a sister in her first years of formation: Your gift will help fund the cost for the initial formation of the sisters who will later on be serving in diverse apostolic works of the Servants.
  2. Be a sponsor of the Formation Center: your contribution will help maintain the Formation Center so it may provide an adequate environment for a true encounter with the Lord.
  3. Sponsor the education of a sister: After the initial formation period, in order to serve the needy in a better way, most sisters study in institutes or universities. We need sponsors who may be willing to collaborate with us for a designated period of time helping with the tuition of some of our sisters.
  4. Sponsor our sisters’ healthcare: You can choose to help us by funding the cost to provide basic healthcare coverage for some of our sisters.
  5. Be a sponsor of our apostolic mission: Your contribution will help fund daily living expenses in apostolic communities.
  6. If you wish to help us build an endowment fund or help in any other way, please contact us here.