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Spiritual Life

In order to respond to the call that God makes to us, we Servants of the Plan of God seek to have the Lord Jesus in the center of our lives. We aspirate to live intensively the dimension of prayer in strong moments of our personal and communitarian life, and also seeking to make our life and daily action a continuous prayer.

The Servants seek to follow in our prayer the method of Holy Mary, who treasures and ponders everything in her heart. We see her as a model, incentive and guide to go through the path of prayer so we can come closer to the Lord Jesus.

Our target is to reach the perfection in charity, seeking to live in our lives the process of becoming love itself advancing in our path to holiness guided by Mary. We seek to live intensively our sacramental life, participating in the Sacred Liturgy and nourishing our spiritual life reading the Holy Scriptures, praying the rosary, between other practices. The reverent and conscious participation in the Eucharistic Celebration and visits to the Blessed Sacrament are occasions to encounter with the Lord. These moments are the basis of our lives as Servants. In this encounter we see ourselves strengthened and renewed in our participation in the Easter mystery where the sense of our apostolic service is founded as a giving of ourselves.