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Our spirituality

The Servants are part of the Sodalite Family which arose in 1971 and is extended through numerous countries in five continents. We live the Sodalit Spirituality counting with characteristics and an impostation of our own.

Our spirituality is Marian and Christocentric. As Servants of the Plan of God we are inspired in our apostolate by the example of Holy Mary in the passages of the visit of Mary to Elizabeth and Cana Weddings. When Mary serves her cousin Elizabeth, she carries the Word in her immaculate womb, bringing the Good News and at the same time serving and helping her in moments of need. In Cana, Holy Mary is paradigmatic in her attitude of prompt and effective service to the needy, showing in her actions her relation with her Son. She is for the Servants a model of prayer and action.

The apostolic dimension is a characteristic of the Servant’s life. We seek to join with our own lives to the Lord and give glory to Him with our actions so that prayer and action are conjugated in an apostolic unfold oriented to charity perfection.